Alicia Key

Candidate for 483rd District Court Judge

Experienced  Decisive  |  Compassionate
The Key to Justice in Hays County




Meet Alicia


Alicia’s extensive and diverse background makes her the best candidate to represent Hays County as a District Court Judge for the 483rd Court.

Her passion for a fair and independent judiciary aligns with the principles of democracy, emphasizing equal access to justice and protecting our constitutional rights.




Commitment to Public Service

Held roles such as Assistant District Attorney, Associate Judge, Director of the State Office of Court Administration, and Director of the Child Support Division in the Office of Attorney General.

Passion for Fairness

Strong belief in a fair and independent judiciary as essential to democracy, emphasizing the protection of constitutional rights, due process, and equal access to justice.

Equal Access to Legal Assistance

Alicia recognizes the importance of equal, meaningful access to legal representation, such as programs to provide quality legal assistance to low-income individuals in both civil and criminal cases.

Vote for Alicia Key on November 5, 2024

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